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2-Way Text Messaging Information and Coverage

All 2-Way Paging Services now include Nationwide Service

2-Way pagers can send and receive numeric and text messages. Text messages are sent and received directly via email with any device with email capabilities. Numeric messages are sent via a dial-up number, just like traditional numeric pagers. 2-Way pagers also can transmit back to the system, allowing them to send messages to other email addresses and to confirm delivery of a page.

2-Way service includes Assured Messaging, which means the system will keep trying to send a page for up to 96 hours or until the page is received by your pager You'll never miss a page again!.

Options such as VoiceMail w/Personal Greeting, Personal 888 number, and Numeric Retrieval are available. For coverage and pricing click here.

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2-Way Text Messaging Nationwide Service Prices

Additional Services

Toll-Free Numbers
Numeric Retrieval
Custom Greeting

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